United Nations - Treaty Collection on the Internet

Depositary Notifications (CNs) by the Secretary-General

  The distribution of depositary notifications (CNs) in hard-copy was discontinued as of 1 April 2010 as part of the United Nations efforts to reduce paper waste and conserve energy and resources. They have been posted ever since on the website as part of this CNs database which is updated daily.

  Depositary notifications are also circulated to Member States and other interested parties through Automated Subscription Services.

  E-Mail Notifications: due to technical limitations of the internet-based email systems, the Treaty Section makes no warranty of receipt of email notifications related to its subscription services. The Treaty Section, OLA shall assume no liability for failure to receive requested notifications on a timely basis.

**Please note: Sometimes email messages are undeliverable because of spam (junk e-mail) filters on email accounts – please check your settings to ensure that your e-mail client is not directing the Treaty Section e-notifications to your junk mail folder.

  Assistance with subscription: subscribers who require assistance regarding timely receipt of information should use the Contact form to contact the Treaty Section directly.