United Nations - Treaty Collection on the Internet


In order to facilitate reference to the United Nations Treaty Series, the Secretariat considers it desirable to publish a Cumulative Index (in English and French languages). This continues the practice of the League of Nations, which published a similar index to its Treaty Series. A volume of the United Nations Treaty Series Cumulative Index is issued for every fifty volumes of the United Nations Treaty Series (UNTS).

Each volume consists of two main sections, each preceded by an explanatory note. The first section, "Chronological Index" includes the following data and sequence:

  • Date (year, day, month) on which the instrument was concluded;
  • Full title of the original agreement, including parties in the case of bilateral and closed multilateral agreements, and date (s) of conclusion;
  • Full title (s) of subsequent agreement (s) and/or action (s);
  • Signatories (United Nations Agreements only);
  • Authentic languages of agreements;
  • Treaty registration number or a number of filing and recording;
  • UNTS volume number 

The second section, "Alphabetical Index", consists of two types of main headings arranged in one alphabetical listing:

  • Names of countries , intergovernmental organizations, specialized agencies, national institutions or other parties to instruments;
  • Subject-headings of the instruments

Note: The issues of the UNTS Cumulative Index are being posted in PDF format and in reverse chronological order as the relevant records become available. This is done to obtain the UNTS cite and facilitate the search and retrieval of the full texts from the UNTS online.