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Under Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations every treaty and every international agreement entered into by a Member of the United Nations after the coming into force of the Charter must be registered with the Secretariat and published by it. The General Assembly, by Resolution 97 (I) of 14 December 1946, adopted Regulations to give effect to Article 102 of the Charter. These Regulations were amended on 19 December 1978 ("the Regulations") and most recently by the General Assembly Resolution A/RES/52/153 of 15 December 1997. 

• Under article 1 of the Regulations, parties are required to effect the registration of every treaty or international agreement subject to registration concluded by them. Under article 4 of the Regulations, the United Nations is required to register ex officio every treaty or international agreement which is subject to registration where the United Nations (i) is a party to the treaty or agreement, (ii) has been authorized by a treaty or agreement to effect registration, or (iii) is the depositary of a multilateral treaty or agreement. The specialized agencies may also register treaties in certain specific cases. The Regulations also provide in article 10 for the filing and recording of certain categories of treaties and international agreements other than those subject to registration under Article 102 of the Charter. The Secretariat is designated in Article 102 as the organ with which registration or filing and recording is effected.

• The monthly Statement of Treaties and International Agreements (hereafter "the Statement") is issued monthly by the Treaty Section of the Office of Legal Affairs of the Secretariat pursuant to article 13 of the Regulations prior to the publication of treaties registered pursuant to Article 102 of the Charter. For further information on this subject click here.

* Registration of an instrument submitted by a Member State does not imply a judgement by the Secretariat on the nature of the instrument, the status of a party, or any similar question. It is the understanding of the Secretariat that its action does not confer on the instrument the status of a treaty or an international agreement if it does not already have that status and does not confer on a party a status which it would not otherwise have. 

The issues of the Statement are being posted in pdf format and in reverse chronological order (back to 1998) as the relevant files become available. This is done to complement the UNTS-based search capability with a more recent treaty-related data.