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Entries in this section contain references to treaty titles, treaty registration numbers, conclusion dates.participants, place (s) of conclusion, types of action (s) and authentic languages of treaties.

Treaty registration numbers for instruments included in the UNTS consist of a Roman numeral and an Arabic numeral, joined by a colon (i.e., I:33521;II:965). The Roman numeral indicates treaties and international agreements registered with the Secretariat; Roman numeral II indicates treaties and international agreements filed and recorded by the Secretariat.The Arabic numeral indicates the serial number assigned to the instrument within categories I and II.

Treaties and international agreements appearing in the League of Nations Treaty Series are identified by the symbol "LoN" followed by the Arabic number of the treaty registration.

Volume numbers in the UNTS are in Arabic numerals; those in the League of Nations Treaty Series are in Roman numerals.

Two dates joined by a hyphen (e.g., 1998, 2-18 Nov) indicate the first and the last dates in a series of exchanges of notes constituting an agreement. Two dates divided by a stroke (e.g., 1998, 10 Jan/1986, 22 Feb) indicate an exchange on the two dates specified, without exchanges of notes in the intervening period.

The dates of the actions such as accession, declaration, ratification, etc., are the dates of deposit of the corresponding instruments or notifications.

The second section, "Alphabetical Index", refers to treaties and international agreements by parties and by subject-terms.

The Alphabetical Index consists of two types of main headings arranged in one alphabetical listing:

1. Names of countries, intergovernmental organizations, specialized agencies or other parties to instruments and

2. Subject-headings of the instruments.

Under the main heading the instruments are listed alphabetically by country or organization followed by a full title.

For relevant actions and more detailed treaty-related information, the Chronological Index should be consulted.

The latest UNTS Cumulative Index was issued under number 43 and covers the UNTS volumes 2301-2350.