United Nations - Treaty Collection on the Internet

Depositary Notifications (CNs) by the Secretary-General

The depositary is required to provide certain information to all interested parties on the treaties deposited with him. The Secretary-General, as depositary of multilateral treaties, provides this information by issuing depositary notifications. Depositary notifications, which are made available to interested parties in hard copy and by e-mail, deal with, inter alia, the following:

  • Opening of treaties for signature;
  • Signatures affixed to treaties;
  • Deposit of binding instruments, such as, instruments of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession;
  • Deposit of notifications of succession;
  • Reservations, declarations and territorial applications;
  • Communications, objections to reservations, withdrawal of reservations and withdrawal of objections;
  • Denunciations and terminations;
  • Any other information that, in the opinion of the Secretary-General, should be made known to the interested parties.