Registration Number 771
Title International Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Women and Children, concluded at Geneva on 30 September 1921, as amended by the Protocol signed at Lake Success, New York, on 12 November 1947
ex officio
Places/dates of conclusion
Lake Success12/11/1947
EIF information
24 April 1950 , the date on which the amendments set forth in the annex to the Protocol of 12 November 1947 entered into force, in accordance with paragraph 2 of article V of the Protocol
Authentic texts
ICJ information
Secretary-General of the United Nations
Registration Date ex officio 24 April 1950
Subject terms
Human rights
Agreement type Multilateral
UNTS Volume Number 53 (p.39)
Publication format Full
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Text document(s) volume-53-I-771-English.pdf
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ParticipantActionDate of Notification/DepositDate of Effect
AfghanistanDefinitive signature of the Protocol12/11/1947 
AlbaniaAcceptance of the Protocol25/07/1949 
AlgeriaAccession to the Convention as amended by the Protocol31/10/1963 
AustraliaDefinitive signature of the Protocol13/11/1947 
AustriaDefinitive signature of the Protocol07/06/1950 
BelgiumDefinitive signature of the Protocol12/11/1947 
BrazilAcceptance of the Protocol06/04/1950 
BurmaDefinitive signature of the Protocol13/05/1949 
CanadaDefinitive signature of the Protocol24/11/1947 
ChinaDefinitive signature of the Protocol12/11/1947 
CubaAcceptance of the Protocol16/03/1981 
Czech RepublicSuccession to the Protocol30/12/199301/01/1993
CzechoslovakiaDefinitive signature12/11/1947 
DenmarkAcceptance of the Protocol21/11/1949 
EgyptDefinitive signature of the Protocol12/11/1947 
FinlandAcceptance of the Protocol06/01/1949 
GermanyAcceptance of the Protocol29/05/1973 
GreeceAcceptance of the Protocol05/04/1960 
HungaryDefinitive signature of the Protocol02/02/1950 
IndiaDefinitive signature of the Protocol12/11/1947 
IrelandAcceptance of the Protocol19/07/1961 
ItalyAcceptance of the Protocol05/01/1949 
JamaicaAcceptance of the Protocol16/03/1965 
LebanonDefinitive signature of the Protocol12/11/1947 
LibyaAccession to the Convention as amended by the Protocol17/02/1959 
LuxembourgAcceptance of the Protocol14/03/1955 
MadagascarAccession to the Convention as amended by the Protocol18/02/1963 
MalawiAccession to the Convention as amended by the Protocol25/02/1966 
MaltaAcceptance of the Protocol27/02/1975 
MexicoDefinitive signature of the Protocol12/11/1947 
MontenegroSuccession to the Convention as amended by the Protocol23/10/200603/06/2006
NetherlandsAcceptance of the Protocol07/03/1949 
NicaraguaAcceptance of the Protocol24/04/1950 
NorwayAcceptance of the Protocol28/11/1947 
PakistanDefinitive signature of the Protocol12/11/1947 
PhilippinesAccession to the Convention as amended by the Protocol30/09/1954 
PolandAcceptance of the Protocol21/12/1950 
RomaniaDefinitive signature of the Protocol02/11/1950 
Sierra LeoneDefinitive signature of the Protocol13/08/1962 
SingaporeAcceptance of the Protocol26/10/1966 
SlovakiaSuccession to the Protocol28/05/1993 
SwedenDefinitive signature of the Protocol09/06/1948 
Syrian Arab RepublicDefinitive signature of the Protocol17/11/1947 
TurkeyDefinitive signature of the Protocol12/11/1947 
Union of South AfricaDefinitive signature of the Protocol12/11/1947 
Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsDefinitive signature of the Protocol18/12/1947 
Yugoslavia (Federal Republic of)Succession to the Convention as amended by the Protocol12/03/200127/03/1992