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11 .a Amendments to the Charter of the Asian and Pacific Development Centre
Kuala Lumpur, 16 July 1998
Not yet in force
see article XIX of the Charter which reads as follows : "1. Any party to this Charter may propose an amendment to it. 2. The proposed amendment shall be considered by the General Council and if approved by a two-thirds majority in the General Council shall enter into force for all parties to this Charter on the thirtieth day after the deposit with the Secretary-General of the United Nations of instruments of acceptance of the proposed amendment by two thirds of the parties to this Charter.".
Status :
Parties : 5
Text :
Doc. Report of the Twelfth Session of the General Council.
Note :
In accordance with article XIX of the Charter, the General Council, at its Twelfth Session held at Kuala Lumpur from 15 to 16 July 1998, approved various amendments to he Charter.
Brunei Darussalam
17 Aug 2000 A
14 Sep 2001 A
14 May 2001 A
Republic of Korea
25 Jan 2000 A
Viet Nam
 9 Jul 2001 A