1jAmendments to Annexes I and II to the 1998 Protocol on Persistent Organic PollutantsGeneva, 18 December 2009in accordance with article 14(3) which reads as follows: "Amendments to the present Protocol and to annexes I to IV, VI and VIII shall be adopted by consensus of the Parties present at a session of the Executive Body, and shall enter into force for the Parties which have accepted them on the ninetieth day after the date on which two thirds of the Parties have deposited with the Depositary their instruments of acceptance thereof. Amendments shall enter into force for any other Party on the ninetieth day after the date on which that Party has deposited its instrument of acceptance thereof.Parties20C.N.556.2010.TREATIES-4 of 14 September 2010 (Amendments to Annexes I and II to the Protocol)
ParticipantAcceptance(A)Austria 6 Apr 2021 ACroatia 6 Apr 2018 ACyprus11 Sep 2017 ACzech Republic22 Nov 2017 ADenmark15 Nov 2019 AEstonia15 Nov 2017 AEuropean Union24 Jun 2016 AFinland20 Dec 2016 AFrance13 Sep 2021 AGermany22 Sep 2017 AIreland 9 Mar 2021 ALithuania22 Jun 2017 ALuxembourg17 Aug 2011 ANetherlands<superscript>1</superscript>15 Mar 2012 ANorway26 Mar 2012 ARomania25 May 2012 ASlovakia25 May 2017 ASpain19 Mar 2018 ASweden11 Jul 2017 ASwitzerland30 Nov 2018 A
SwitzerlandDeclaration:Switzerland, in line with article 16 paragraph 3 of the revised protocol, declares its intention to treat further amendments to the protocol according to the ordinary procedure for acceptance, as previously handled.1For the European part of the Netherlands