9Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the International Seabed AuthorityKingston, 27 March 199831 May 2003, in accordance with article 18 see article 18 which reads as follows : "1. The Protocol shall enter into force 30 days after the date of deposit of the tenth instrument of ratification, approval, acceptance or accession. 2. For each member of the Authority which ratifies, approves or accepts this Protocol or accedes thereto after the deposit of the tenth instrument of ratification, approval, acceptance or accession. This Protocol shall enter into force on the thirtieth day following the deposit of its instrument of ratification approval, acceptance or accession.".31 May 2003, No. 39357Signatories28Parties48United Nations, <i>Treaty Series </i>, vol. 2214. p. 133.The Protocol was adopted by the Assembly of the International Seabed Authority in Kingston, Jamaica, on 27 March 1998, during its first part of the fourth session. In accordance with its article 15, the Protocol will be opened for signature by all Members of the Authority at the Headquarters of the International Seabed Authority in Kingston, Jamaica, from 17 until 28 August 1998. The formal signing ceremony is scheduled for 26-27 August 1998. Subsequently, it will be opened for signature until 16 August 2000 at United Nations Headquarters in New York.
ParticipantSignatureRatification, Approval(AA), Acceptance(A), Accession(a)Albania22 Oct 2015 aAntigua and Barbuda 3 May 2016 aArgentina20 Oct 2006 aAustria25 Sep 2003 aBahamas26 Aug 1998 Brazil27 Aug 1998 16 Nov 2007 Bulgaria10 Feb 2009 aBurkina Faso 6 Oct 2017 aCameroon28 Aug 2002 aChile14 Apr 1999 8 Feb 2005 Côte d'Ivoire25 Sep 1998 Croatia 8 Sep 2000 aCuba11 Jul 2008 aCzech Republic 1 Aug 2000 26 Oct 2001 Denmark16 Nov 2004 aEgypt26 Apr 2000 20 Jun 2001 Estonia 1 Feb 2008 aFinland31 Mar 1999 31 Oct 2007 AFrance23 Jan 2012 aGeorgia 4 Apr 2018 aGermany 8 Jun 2007 aGhana12 Jan 1999 23 Sep 2016 Greece14 Oct 1998 12 Dec 2022 Guinea 6 Apr 2016 aGuyana25 Oct 2011 aIndia14 Nov 2005 aIndonesia26 Aug 1998 Iraq16 Feb 2016 aIreland 9 Feb 2011 aItaly18 May 2000 19 Jul 2006 Jamaica26 Aug 1998 25 Sep 2002 Jordan21 Dec 2017 aKenya26 Aug 1998 Lithuania26 Sep 2012 aMalta26 Jul 2000 Mauritius22 Dec 2004 aMozambique12 Jan 2009 aNamibia24 Sep 1999 Netherlands (Kingdom of the)26 Aug 1998 21 Nov 2002 ANigeria 1 May 2003 aNorth Macedonia17 Sep 1998 Norway10 May 2006 aOman19 Aug 1999 12 Mar 2004 Pakistan 9 Sep 1999 Panama31 May 2017 aPoland 2 Oct 2007 aPortugal 6 Apr 2000 2 Feb 2007 Romania14 Jun 2018 aSaudi Arabia11 Oct 1999 Senegal11 Jun 1999 11 Jul 2016 Slovakia22 Jun 1999 20 Apr 2000 Slovenia 1 Apr 2008 aSpain14 Sep 1999 9 Jan 2001 Sudan 6 Aug 1999 Togo11 Jun 2012 aTrinidad and Tobago26 Aug 1998 10 Aug 2005 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland19 Aug 1999 2 Nov 2000 Uruguay21 Oct 1998 6 Jul 2006 a
Declarations and reservations(Unless otherwise indicated, the declarations and reservations weremade upon ratification, approval, acceptance or accession.)ArgentinaDeclaration:The Republic of Argentina will accord such privileges and immunities as are specified in the Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the International Seabed Authority, adopted in Kingston on 27 March1998, to members of the Secretariat of the International Seabed Authority who are nationals or permanent residents in its territory to the extent necessary for the adequate fulfillment of their duties. With regard to fiscal and customs matters those members will be subject to the national norms applied in its territory.ChileReservation:The Government of Chile expresses a reservation with respect to article 8, paragraph 2 (d) of the Protocol, as that provision will not exempt its nationals from national service obligations.CubaDeclaration:Article 14, paragraph 2 (a) and (b), of the Protocol shall not apply to the Republic of Cuba,which shall settle on a bilateral basis, by negotiation, any dispute arising with the International SeabedAuthority concerning the interpretation or application of the aforementioned Protocol.France<right>23 January 2012</right>ReservationFrance intends to limit the exemption from taxation provided for in articles 8 (c) and 9 (e) of the Protocol:- To the officials of the Authority referred to in article 8, excluding the experts on mission for the Authority referred to in article 9;- To the salaries and emoluments received from the Authority by these officials, excluding any other form of payment which may be made to them by the Authority.JordanReservations:… with reservations to articles 8 (2) (c), 8 (2) (g), 14 (1) (b) and 14 (2)…Territorial Application
ParticipantDate of receipt of the notificationTerritories
Netherlands (Kingdom of the) 7 Jan 2009Netherlands Antilles