10dAmendment to article 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Weapons which use microbial or other biological agents, or toxins)New York, 14 December 20172 April 2020 . The Amendment first entered into force on 2 April 2020 in regard to Luxembourg one year after the deposit of its instrument of ratification, in accordance with article 121(5) of the Rome Statute.2 April 2020, No. 38544C.N.116.2018.TREATIES-XVIII-10 of 8 March 2018The Assembly of State Parties to the Rome Statute adopted the Amendment at its 16th Session held in New York from 4 to 14 December 2017 by Resolution ICC-ASP/16/Res.4. The amendment was circulated by the Secretary-General under cover of depositary notification C.N.116.2018.TREATIES-XVIII-10 of 8 March 2018.
ParticipantAcceptance(A), RatificationBelgium21 Jun 2024 Chile21 Sep 2023 Croatia17 May 2021 Czech Republic10 Jul 2020 AEstonia15 Apr 2024 Germany21 Sep 2023 Latvia24 Apr 2020 Liechtenstein21 Jan 2022 Lithuania25 Jun 2024 Luxembourg 2 Apr 2019 Mexico20 Jan 2023 ANetherlands (Kingdom of the)<superscript>1</superscript>21 Apr 2020 ANew Zealand14 Oct 2020 Norway22 Mar 2021 ARomania14 Feb 2022 ASlovakia19 Jun 2019 Slovenia 1 Dec 2022 Sweden26 Jan 2022 ASwitzerland 7 Jul 2020 Uruguay21 Mar 2023
1For the European part and the Caribbean part (the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) of the Netherlands.