31International Cocoa Agreement, 1986*Geneva, 25 July 1986provisionally on 20 January 1987, in accordance with article 70(3). The Agreement was extended until 30 September 1992 and 30 September 1993, respectively, and expired in accordance with its provisions on 30 September 1993.20 January 1987, No. 24604United Nations, <i>Treaty Series </i>, vol. 1446, p. 103; depositary notifications C.N.189.1986.TREATIES-1 of 29 September 1986; C.N.51.1987.TREATIES-4 of 5 May 1987 (procès-verbal of rectification of the original English text); C.N.186.1987.TREATIES-10 of 10 September 1987 (adoption of the authentic Chinese text); C.N.20.1988.TREATIES-1 of 8 April 1988 (procès-verbal of rectification of the original Chinese text); C.N.267.1987.TREATIES-13 of 7 December 1987 (communication by the International Cocoa Council concerning the inclusion of Mexico in Annex B); C.N.115.1990.TREATIES-1 of 29 May 1990 (partial extension of the Agreement with list of provisions extended: see "Note" below) and C.N.77.1991.TREATIES-1 of 25 June 1991 [procès-verbal of rectification of the authentic text of Annex E (Russian version)].
Territorial Application
ParticipantDate of receipt of the notificationTerritories
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland24 Jul 1992Isle of Man and Bailiwick of Jersey