23Sixth International Tin Agreement*Geneva, 26 June 1981provisionally on 1 July 1982, in accordance with article 55, in whole, in accordance with a decision taken on 23 June 1982 by a meeting of Governments convened by the Secretary-General under article 55 (3) of the Agreement. The Agreement was extended until 31 June 1989 by resolution adopted by the International Tin Council on 27 April 1987, and was terminated in accordance with its provisions on 31 June 1989.1 July 1982, No. 21139Signatories25Parties19United Nations, <i>Treaty Series </i>, vol. 1282, p. 205; vol. 1287, p. 360 (procès-verbal of rectification of the Spanish authentic text); vol. 1294, p. 412 (procès-verbal of rectification of original Arabic, French and Spanish texts) and vol. 1300, p. 413 (procès-verbal of rectification of the French authentic text).Terminated in accordance with its provisions on 31 June 1989.