16Agreement establishing the International Tea Promotion AssociationGeneva, 31 March 197723 February 1979, in accordance with article 19(1).23 February 1979, No. 17582Signatories6Parties81United Nations, <i> Treaty Series </i>, vol. 1128, p. 367.The Agreement was drawn up by the Intergovernmental Conference of the Tea Producing Countries for the establishment of an International Tea Promotion Association, which met in Geneva from 7 to 17 September 1976. (The Conference had been convened by the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/GATT.) In accordance with the provisions of the resolution adopted on 17 September 1976 by the Conference, the Governments of nine countries whose total volume of exports of tea accounted for more than two-thirds of the total volume of exports of tea of all countries qualified to participate in the Agreement had, as at 31 March 1977, notified the Director of the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/GATT their approval of the text of the Agreement. In accordance with the provisions of article 18, the Agreement has been opened for signature at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, from 15 April 1977 until and including 15 October 1977.By a Resolution adopted by the Governing Board of the International Tea Promotion Association on 2l November 1984, it was decided to suspend for an initial period of two years the following articles of the Agreement establishing the International Tea Promotion Association: article 1, paragraph 2, but only with regard to the phrase "and to formulate programmes to achieve this objective"; article 1, paragraph 3; article 11; article 12 and article 13.
ParticipantSignatureRatification, Acceptance(A), Approval(AA), Accession(a)Bangladesh 2 Apr 1979 aIndia<superscript>1</superscript>[20 Jul 1977 ][ 1 Nov 1977 ]Indonesia 7 Jul 1977 31 Aug 1978 Kenya 2 Aug 1977 17 May 1978 Malawi17 Aug 1977 22 Feb 1978 Mauritius 2 Aug 1977 25 Nov 1977 Mozambique29 Mar 1984 aSri Lanka<superscript>1</superscript>[22 Sep 1977 ][ 1 Nov 1977 ]Uganda14 Oct 1977 23 Aug 1978 United Republic of Tanzania27 Jul 1977 28 Jul 1978
1Notifications of withdrawal received by the following States on the dates indicated hereinafter: 2Participant:Date of the notification: India25 Jul 1984 Sri Lanka29 Sep 1982