2International Convention relating to economic statistics, signed at Geneva on 14 December 1928, amended by the Protocol signed at Paris on 9 December 1948Paris, 9 December 19489 October 1950, the date on which the amendments to the Convention, as set forth in the annex to the Protocol of 9 December 1948, entered into force in accordance with article V of the Protocol.9 October 1950, No. 942Parties26United Nations, <i>Treaty Series </i>, vol. 73, p. 39.
ParticipantDefinitive signature or acceptance of the ProtocolRatification of the Convention as amended by the Protocol, Accession to the Convention as amended by the Protocol(a), Succession to the Convention as amended by the Protocol(d)Australia 9 Dec 1948 Austria10 Nov 1949 Belgium<superscript>1</superscript> 2 May 1952 Canada 9 Dec 1948 Denmark27 Sep 1949 Egypt 9 Dec 1948 Finland17 Aug 1949 France11 Jan 1949 Ghana 7 Apr 1958 dGreece 9 Oct 1950 India14 Mar 1949 Ireland28 Feb 1952 Israel28 Dec 1950 aItaly20 May 1949 Japan 2 Dec 1952 Liberia16 Sep 2005 aLuxembourg23 Jul 1953 Netherlands13 Apr 1950 Nigeria23 Jul 1965 aNorway22 Mar 1949 Pakistan 3 Mar 1952 South Africa10 Dec 1948 Sweden 9 Dec 1948 Switzerland23 Jan 1970 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland<superscript>2</superscript> 9 Dec 1948 Zimbabwe 1 Dec 1998 d
1A declaration accompanying the instrument of ratification by the Government of Belgium stipulates that the ratification applies only to the metropolitan territories, the territories of Belgian Congo and the Trust Territory of Ruanda-Urundi being expressly excluded.2Notice of application of the Convention to Southern Rhodesia was received from the Government of the United Kingdom on 2 December 1949.