1iAmendments to the Convention on the International Maritime OrganizationLondon, 8 December 2021in accordance with article 71 of the Convention, for all Members of the Organization (Article 66 was renumbered as Article 71 by Resolution <a href="/doc/source/docs/A_724_17-E.pdf" target="_blank">A.724 (17)</a> of 7 November 1991)*.<right></right>See "Note" at the beginning of chapter XII.1. The amendments were adopted by the Assembly of the Organization by Resolution <a href="/doc/source/docs/A.1152(32)_Eng.pdf" target="_blank">A.1152(32)</a> of 8 December 2021. Pursuant to article 73 of the Convention, the acceptance of an amendment shall be made by the communication of an instrument to the Secretary-General of the Organization for deposit with the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Following is the list of States which had accepted the Amendments to the Convention prior to their entry into force.
ParticipantAcceptance(A)Honduras13 Jul 2022 AMalaysia 4 Nov 2022 AMalta23 Sep 2022 ANetherlands 1 Dec 2022 ANorway19 Jul 2022 ASingapore 1 Dec 2022 ASpain22 Nov 2022 A