15United Nations Convention on Independent Guarantees and Stand-by Letters of CreditNew York, 11 December 19951 January 2000, in accordance with article 28(1).1 January 2002, No. 38030Signatories4Parties8United Nations, <i>Treaty Series</i>, vol. 2169, p. 163; depositary notification C.N.317.1997.TREATIES-3 of 18 August 1997 (procès-verbal of rectification of the authentic Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish texts).The draft Convention was prepared by the Working Group on International Contract Practices and submitted to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. The Commission decided at its twenty-eighth session (2-28 May 1995) to submit the draft Convention to the General Assembly for its consideration. Subsequently, the Convention was adopted by the General Assembly at its fiftieth session by resolution No. 48<superscript>1</superscript>. The Convention is open for signature at the United Nations Headquarters in New York until 11 December 1997.
ParticipantSignatureRatification, Acceptance(A), Approval(AA), Accession(a)Belarus 3 Dec 1996 23 Jan 2002 Ecuador18 Jun 1997 aEl Salvador 5 Sep 1997 31 Jul 1998 Gabon15 Dec 2004 aKuwait28 Oct 1998 aLiberia16 Sep 2005 aPanama 9 Jul 1997 21 May 1998 Tunisia 8 Dec 1998 aUnited States of America11 Dec 1997
1Document A/RES/50/48.