1Protocol amending the Agreements, Conventions and Protocols on Narcotic Drugs, concluded at The Hague on 23 January 1912, at Geneva on 11 February 1925 and 19 February 1925, and 13 July 1931, at Bangkok on 27 November 1931 and at Geneva on 26 June 1936Lake Success, New York, 11 December 194611 December 1946, in accordance with article VII(1).3 February 1948, No. 186Signatories23Parties62United Nations, <i>Treaty Series </i>, vol. 12, p. 179.The Protocol was approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in resolution <a href="/doc/source/docs/A_RES_I_54-E.pdf" target="_blank">54 (I)</a><superscript>1</superscript>of 19 November 1946. <i>In accordance with its article 44 (1), the provisions of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, as amended by the Protocol amending the Single Convention on Narocitc Drugs, 1961 of 8 August 1975, as between the parties thereto, terminates and replaces the provisions of the above Protocol, except as it affects the Convention listed under No. VI-11. See chapter VI.18. </i> <b>The amendments set forth in the annex to the Protocol came into force on the dates indicated in respect of the Agreements and Conventions listed below as follows in accordance with paragraph 2 of article VII of the Protocol</b><superscript>2</superscript>: 27 Oct 1947 Agreement concerning the Suppression of the Manufacture of, Internal Trade in, and Use of, Prepared Opium (with Protocol, signed at Geneva on 11 February 1925 3 Feb 1948 International Opium Convention (with Protocol), signed at Geneva on 19 February 1925 21 Nov 1947 Convention for Limiting the Manufacture and Regulating the Distribution of Narcotic Drugs (with Protocol of Signature), signed at Geneva on 13 July 1931 27 Oct 1947 Agreement concerning the Suppression of Opium Smoking, signed at Bangkok on 27 November 1931 10 Oct 1947 Convention for the Suppression of the Illicit Traffic in Dangerous Drugs, signed at Geneva on 26 June 1936.
ParticipantSignatureDefinitive signature(s), Acceptance(A), Succession(d)Afghanistan11 Dec 1946 sAlbania23 Jun 1947 AArgentina11 Dec 1946 sAustralia11 Dec 1946 28 Aug 1947 AAustria17 May 1950 ABahamas13 Aug 1975 dBelarus11 Dec 1946 sBelgium11 Dec 1946 sBolivia (Plurinational State of)11 Dec 1946 sBrazil17 Dec 1946 sCanada11 Dec 1946 sChile11 Dec 1946 sChina<superscript>3</superscript>11 Dec 1946 sColombia11 Dec 1946 sCosta Rica<superscript>4</superscript>11 Dec 1946 Cuba12 Dec 1946 Czech Republic<superscript>5</superscript>30 Dec 1993 dDenmark<superscript>4</superscript>11 Dec 1946 15 Jun 1949 ADominican Republic11 Dec 1946 sEcuador13 Dec 1946 8 Jun 1951 AEgypt<superscript>4</superscript>11 Dec 1946 13 Sep 1948 AFiji 1 Nov 1971 dFinland 3 Feb 1948 AFrance<superscript>4</superscript>11 Dec 1946 10 Oct 1947 AGermany<superscript>6,7</superscript>12 Aug 1959 AGreece<superscript>4</superscript>11 Dec 1946 21 Feb 1949 AGuatemala<superscript>4</superscript>13 Dec 1946 Haiti14 Dec 1946 31 May 1951 AHonduras11 Dec 1946 sHungary16 Dec 1955 AIndia11 Dec 1946 sIran (Islamic Republic of)11 Dec 1946 sIraq<superscript>4</superscript>12 Dec 1946 14 Sep 1950 AIreland18 Feb 1948 AItaly25 Mar 1948 sJapan27 Mar 1952 ALebanon13 Dec 1946 sLiberia11 Dec 1946 sLiechtenstein<superscript>8</superscript>25 Sep 1947 ALuxembourg<superscript>4</superscript>11 Dec 1946 13 Oct 1949 AMexico11 Dec 1946 sMonaco21 Nov 1947 sNetherlands (Kingdom of the)<superscript>4</superscript>[11 Dec 1946 ][10 Mar 1948 A]New Zealand<superscript>9</superscript>11 Dec 1946 sNicaragua13 Dec 1946 24 Apr 1950 ANorway<superscript>4</superscript>11 Dec 1946 2 Jul 1947 APanama15 Dec 1946 sPapua New Guinea28 Oct 1980 dParaguay14 Dec 1946 Peru26 Nov 1948 26 Nov 1948 APhilippines<superscript>4</superscript>11 Dec 1946 25 May 1950 APoland11 Dec 1946 sRomania11 Oct 1961 ARussian Federation11 Dec 1946 25 Oct 1947 ASaudi Arabia11 Dec 1946 sSerbia<superscript>10</superscript>12 Mar 2001 dSlovakia<superscript>5</superscript>28 May 1993 dSouth Africa<superscript>4</superscript>15 Dec 1946 24 Feb 1948 ASpain26 Sep 1955 sSweden17 Oct 1947 sSwitzerland<superscript>8</superscript>25 Sep 1947 ASyrian Arab Republic11 Dec 1946 sThailand27 Oct 1947 sTürkiye11 Dec 1946 sUkraine11 Dec 1946 8 Jan 1948 AUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland11 Dec 1946 sUnited States of America11 Dec 1946 12 Aug 1947 AUruguay14 Dec 1946 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)11 Dec 1946
1<i>Official Records of the General Assembly, Second Part of the First Session, Resolutions (A/64/Add.1), </i> p. 81.2The Protocol does not contain any formal amendment in respect of the Convention of 23 January 1912. However, its article III provides as follows:"The functions conferred upon the Netherlands Government under articles 21 and 25 of the International Opium Convention signed at The Hague on 23 January 1912, and entrusted to the Secretary-General of the League of Nations with the consent of the Netherlands Government, by a resolution of the League of Nations Assembly dated 15 December 1920, shall henceforward be exercised by the Secretary-General of the United Nations."The Convention of 23 January 1912 (which, consequently, was amended in effect by the Protocol of 11 December 1946) has been included in the present chapter.3See note concerning signatures, ratifications, accessions, etc. on behalf of China (note 1 under “China” in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume).4The signature was affixed without reservation as to approval, but the full powers provided for signature subject to this reservation.5Czechoslovakia had signed the Protocol, definitively, on 11 December 1946. See also note 1 under “Czech Republic” and note 1 under “Slovakia” in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.6See note 1 under “Germany” regarding Berlin (West) in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.7See note 2 under “Germany” in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.8The instrument of acceptance of the Protocol by the Government of the Swiss Confederation stipulates that the declaration of acceptance is also valid for the Principality of Liechtenstein.9See note 1 under “New Zealand” regarding Tokelau in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.10The former Yugoslavia had signed and accepted the Protocol on 11 December 1946 and 19 May 1948, respectively (the signature had been affixed without reservation as to approval, but the full powers provided for signature subject to this reservation). See also note 1 under "Bosnia and Herzegovina", "Croatia", "former Yugoslavia", "Slovenia", "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" and "Yugoslavia" in the "Historical Information" section in the front matter of this volume.