1eAmendments to articles 24 and 25 of the Constitution of the World Health OrganizationGeneva, 17 May 197620 January 1984, in accordance with article 73 of the Constitution, for all Members of the World Health Organization*.20 January 1984, No. 221Parties*United Nations, <i>Treaty Series </i>, vol.1347, 289.The amendments to articles 24 and 25 of the Constitution of the World Health Organization were adopted by the Twenty-ninth World Health Assembly by resolution WHA 29.38 of 17 May 1976.In accordance with article 73 of the Constitution, amendments come into force for all Members when adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Health Assembly and accepted by two-thirds of the Members in accordance with their respective constitutional processes. Following is the list of States which had accepted the amendments prior to the entry into force of the amendments.*See chapter IX.1 for the complete list of Participants, Members of the World Health Organization, for which the above amendments are in force, pursuant to article 73 of the Constitution.
Participant<superscript>1</superscript>Acceptance(A)Afghanistan20 Sep 1982 AAlgeria23 Nov 1983 AAustralia30 Mar 1977 ABahamas29 May 1980 ABahrain25 Apr 1980 ABangladesh 3 Aug 1978 ABarbados 3 Aug 1977 ABelgium29 Dec 1977 ABenin 4 May 1983 ABhutan 8 Sep 1982 ABolivia (Plurinational State of)16 Jun 1982 ABotswana24 Feb 1978 ABrazil27 Aug 1982 ABulgaria18 Jan 1983 ABurundi21 Jul 1981 ACabo Verde13 Jan 1978 ACambodia17 Aug 1983 ACameroon25 Sep 1978 ACanada20 Jan 1984 AChile 5 Aug 1982 AChina<superscript>2,3</superscript>20 May 1982 AComoros13 Dec 1982 ACôte d'Ivoire16 Dec 1977 ADemocratic People's Republic of Korea 2 Mar 1982 ADemocratic Republic of the Congo 2 May 1983 ADenmark 1 Jul 1981 ADjibouti 5 Dec 1983 AEcuador22 Nov 1976 AEgypt21 Dec 1976 AEthiopia 6 Jan 1977 AFiji20 May 1981 AFinland14 Jun 1977 AFrance22 Jul 1981 AGabon11 May 1982 AGreece27 Feb 1978 AGuatemala16 Jan 1979 AGuinea-Bissau 5 Feb 1980 AGuyana30 Sep 1982 AHungary 4 May 1983 AIceland22 Jul 1983 AIndia23 Jan 1978 AIndonesia24 May 1978 AIran (Islamic Republic of)22 Feb 1980 AIraq<superscript>4</superscript>25 Sep 1978 AIreland16 Feb 1982 AItaly17 May 1983 AJamaica11 Apr 1983 AJordan10 Jun 1983 AKenya 1 Mar 1983 ALao People's Democratic Republic23 Jan 1978 ALebanon21 Jun 1982 ALiberia25 May 1982 ALibya16 Jun 1982 ALuxembourg22 Jun 1982 AMadagascar 8 Mar 1983 AMalawi 9 Apr 1980 AMaldives20 Sep 1977 AMalta20 Jul 1977 AMauritania28 Apr 1982 AMauritius 3 Sep 1981 AMexico23 Feb 1979 AMonaco13 Jan 1983 AMongolia10 Nov 1981 AMozambique27 Feb 1978 AMyanmar15 Jun 1979 ANepal23 Apr 1980 ANetherlands (Kingdom of the)<superscript>5</superscript>18 Oct 1977 ANew Zealand<superscript>6</superscript>26 Mar 1980 ANicaragua16 Feb 1983 ANiger28 Dec 1976 ANorway29 Dec 1976 AOman 8 Aug 1980 APapua New Guinea 1 Jul 1983 APeru10 Oct 1978 APhilippines 7 Oct 1981 APortugal26 Jun 1978 AQatar 7 Dec 1982 ARomania18 Jul 1977 ARussian Federation 1 Apr 1982 ASamoa 9 May 1980 ASan Marino28 Oct 1980 ASao Tome and Principe12 Apr 1982 ASaudi Arabia13 Jan 1977 ASenegal12 Jan 1983 ASeychelles22 Feb 1980 ASingapore 9 Jun 1983 ASpain 4 Nov 1976 ASri Lanka 6 Oct 1978 ASudan13 Jul 1982 ASuriname 4 Oct 1976 ASweden 4 Feb 1980 ASwitzerland21 Jul 1978 AThailand 7 Jun 1978 ATogo18 Oct 1982 ATonga28 Nov 1977 ATunisia30 Sep 1983 ATürkiye29 Dec 1982 AUganda10 Jan 1978 AUnited Arab Emirates 7 Oct 1982 AUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland24 Feb 1978 AUnited States of America11 Nov 1982 AUruguay10 Apr 1978 AVenezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)17 Aug 1983 AViet Nam30 Dec 1981 AYemen<superscript>7</superscript> 8 Mar 1982 AZambia10 Aug 1984 AZimbabwe13 Oct 1982 A
1The former Yugoslavia had accepted the amendments on 2 September 1983. See also note 1 under “Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Croatia, “former Yugoslavia”, ”Slovenia”, “The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and “Yugoslavia” in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.2See note 3 under “China” regarding Macao in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.3See note 2 under “China” regarding Hong Kong in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.4The instrument of acceptance contains the following declaration:The acceptance shall in no way imply recognition of Israel or be a cause for the establishment of any relations of any kind therewith.In this respect the Secretary-General received on 11 May 1979 from the Government of Israel the following communication:"The Instrument deposited by the Government of Iraq contains a statement of a political character in respect to Israel. In the view of the Government of Israel, this is not the proper place for making such political pronouncements, which are, moreover, in flagrant contradiction to the principles, objects and purposes of the Organization. That pronouncement by the Government of Iraq cannot in any way affect whatever obligations are binding upon it under general international law or under particular treaties."The Government of Israel will, insofar as concerns the substance of the matter, adopt towards the Government of Iraq an attitude of complete reciprocity."5On behalf of the Kingdom in Europe and the Netherlands Antilles. See also note 1 under “Netherlands” regarding Aruba/Netherlands Antillies in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume6See note 1 under “New Zealand” regarding Tokelau in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.7Democratic Yemen had accepted the amendments on 3 May 1982. See also note 1 under “Yemen” in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.