212Annex XII - International Maritime Organization (IMO) - to the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized AgenciesLondon, 16 January 195912 February 1959, No. 521United Nations, <i> Treaty Series </i>, vol. 323, p. 364.The term <i>“Participant” </i> in the present context refers to the State party to the Convention, which has undertaken to apply the provisions of the Convention to the above specialized agency, in accordance with section 43 of article XI thereof.
ParticipantApplicationAlgeria25 Mar 1964 Argentina10 Oct 1963 Barbados19 Nov 1971 Belgium14 Mar 1962 Brazil22 Mar 1963 Bulgaria13 Jun 1968 Burkina Faso 6 Apr 1962 Croatia<superscript>1,2</superscript>12 Oct 1992 Cuba13 Sep 1972 Cyprus 6 May 1964 Czech Republic<superscript>2,3</superscript>22 Feb 1993 Denmark20 May 1960 El Salvador24 Sep 2012 Estonia 8 Oct 1997 Finland 8 Jun 1959 Gabon30 Nov 1982 Gambia<superscript>2</superscript> 1 Aug 1966 Germany<superscript>4,5,6</superscript>12 Jan 1962 Guinea29 Mar 1968 Guyana13 Sep 1973 Haiti 5 Aug 1959 Hungary<superscript>7</superscript> 9 Aug 1973 Indonesia 8 Mar 1972 Ireland10 May 1967 Japan18 Apr 1963 Kenya 1 Jul 1965 Kuwait 7 Feb 1963 Lao People's Democratic Republic 9 Aug 1960 Madagascar 3 Jan 1966 Malawi 2 Aug 1965 Maldives26 May 1969 Malta<superscript>2</superscript>27 Jun 1968 Montenegro<superscript>2,8</superscript>23 Oct 2006 Mozambique 6 Oct 2011 Netherlands (Kingdom of the)28 Jun 1965 New Zealand<superscript>9</superscript>17 Oct 1963 Nigeria<superscript>2</superscript>26 Jun 1961 North Macedonia<superscript>1,2</superscript>11 Mar 1996 Norway30 Jan 1961 Pakistan13 Mar 1962 Russian Federation10 Jan 1966 Senegal 2 Mar 1966 Serbia<superscript>1,2</superscript>12 Mar 2001 Sierra Leone13 Mar 1962 Slovakia<superscript>2,3</superscript>28 May 1993 Slovenia<superscript>1</superscript>21 Oct 1998 Sweden 1 Feb 1960 Trinidad and Tobago19 Oct 1965 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 4 Nov 1959
1The former Yugoslavia applied the Annex as from 8 April 1964. See also note 1 under "Bosnia and Herzegovina", "Croatia", "former Yugoslavia", "Slovenia", "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" and "Yugoslavia" in the "Historical Information" section in the front matter of this volume.2These States deposited instruments of succession to the Convention and applied the provisions of the Convention to the above specialized agency with effect from the date of the succession of State. See Chapter III-2.3Czechoslovakia had acceded to the Convention on 29 December 1966 in respect of the following agencies: ILO, ICAO, UNESCO, WHO, UPU, ITU, WMO and IMO. Subsequently, on 6 September 1988 and 26 April 1991, the Government of Czechoslovakia notified the Secretary-General that it applied the Convention in respect of FAO (second revised text of annex II), WIPO, and UNIDO, and IMF, IBRD, IFC and IDA, respectively. The instrument of accession also contained a reservation, subsequently withdrawn on 26 April 1991. For the text of the reservation, see United Nations, <i>Treaty Series </i>, vol. 586, p. 247. See also note 1 under “Czech Republic” and note 1 under “Slovakia” in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume4In a communication received by the Secretary-General on 10 October 1957, the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany declared that the Convention will also apply to the Saar Territory except that Section 7 (b) of the Convention shall not take effect with regard to the Saar Territory until the expiration of the interim period defined in article 3 of the Treaty of 27 October 1956 between France and the Federal Republic of Germany.5See note 1 under “Germany” regarding Berlin (West) in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.6The German Democratic Republic had acceded to the Convention, with a reservation, on 4 October 1974 in respect of the following specialized agencies: ILO, UNESCO, WHO (third revised text of annex VII), UPU, ITU, WMO, IMO (revised text of annex XII). For the text of the reservation see United Nations, <i>Treaty Series</i>, vol. 950, p. 357. See also note 2 under “Germany” in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.7The notification of 9 August 1973 was made with the same reservations as those made upon accession.8See note 1 under “Montenegro” in the “Historical Information” section in the front matter of this volume.9See note 1 under "New Zealand" regarding Tokelau in the "Historical Information" section in the front matter of this volume.