5bAmendment to Article 109 of the Charter of the United Nations, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in resolution 2101 (XX) of 20 December 1965New York, 20 December 1965<superscript>1</superscript>12 June 1968, in accordance with article 108 for all Members of the United Nations.212 June 1968, No. 8132Parties92United Nations, <i>Treaty Series</i>, vol. 638, p. 308.
Participant<superscript>3,4,5</superscript>RatificationAfghanistan16 Nov 1966 Albania12 Oct 1966 Algeria30 Apr 1969 Argentina12 Apr 1967 Australia27 Sep 1966 Austria29 Sep 1966 Belarus21 Sep 1966 Belgium29 Jun 1966 Benin29 Jun 1966 Bolivia (Plurinational State of)28 Jul 1966 Botswana12 Jun 1968 Brazil12 Jul 1966 Bulgaria 2 Jun 1966 Burkina Faso18 Jul 1966 Canada11 Jul 1966 Chile22 Aug 1968 Côte d'Ivoire15 Jan 1968 Cuba17 May 1976 Cyprus31 May 1966 Democratic Republic of the Congo 9 Jun 1966 Denmark31 May 1967 Dominican Republic 4 May 1966 Ecuador 5 May 1966 Egypt23 Jan 1967 Ethiopia28 Jul 1966 Finland11 Jan 1967 France18 Oct 1967 Gabon24 Dec 1968 Gambia11 Jul 1966 Ghana 8 Sep 1966 Greece17 Oct 1969 Guatemala16 Jun 1966 Guyana31 Jan 1968 Hungary 4 May 1967 Iceland21 Jun 1966 India11 Jul 1966 Indonesia30 Mar 1973 Iran (Islamic Republic of)13 Jan 1967 Iraq12 Jan 1967 Ireland20 Sep 1966 Israel29 Aug 1966 Italy 4 Dec 1967 Jamaica12 Jul 1966 Jordan25 Mar 1966 Kenya16 Jun 1966 Kuwait26 Oct 1967 Lao People's Democratic Republic21 Oct 1966 Lebanon20 Mar 1969 Liberia 1 Jul 1969 Libya 3 Aug 1967 Luxembourg12 Dec 1967 Madagascar23 Jan 1968 Malawi11 Apr 1966 Malaysia28 Apr 1966 Maldives 5 Sep 1968 Malta30 Jun 1966 Mexico18 Apr 1967 Mongolia17 Apr 1969 Morocco27 Dec 1966 Myanmar 8 Jun 1967 Nepal20 Jul 1966 Netherlands (Kingdom of the) 5 Jan 1967 New Zealand20 May 1966 Niger28 Apr 1966 Nigeria15 Jun 1967 Norway29 Apr 1966 Pakistan10 Aug 1966 Paraguay 7 Aug 1967 Philippines 2 Oct 1967 Poland22 May 1967 Romania12 Jan 1967 Russian Federation22 Sep 1966 Rwanda 9 Sep 1966 Saudi Arabia11 Dec 1968 Sierra Leone24 Jan 1968 Singapore25 Jul 1966 Spain28 Oct 1966 Sri Lanka24 Aug 1966 Sudan24 Apr 1968 Sweden15 Jul 1966 Syrian Arab Republic 8 Dec 1967 Thailand 9 Jun 1966 Togo14 May 1968 Trinidad and Tobago22 Apr 1966 Tunisia23 Aug 1966 Türkiye16 Mar 1967 Uganda15 Apr 1969 Ukraine 1 Nov 1966 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland19 Oct 1966 United Republic of Tanzania20 Jun 1966 United States of America31 May 1967 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 9 Nov 1967
1<i>Official Records of the General Assembly, Twentieth Session, Supplement No. 14 </i> (A/6014), p. 90.2As depositary of the amendments to the Charter, the Secretary-General drew up a protocol of entry into force of these amendments and communicated it to all Member States.3Czechoslovakia had ratified the amendment on 7 October 1966. See also note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#CzechRepublic" target="_blank">“Czech Republic”</a> and note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Slovakia" target="_blank">“Slovakia”</a> in the “Historical Information” section.4Ratification on behalf of the Republic of China on 8 July 1966. See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#China" target="_blank">“China”</a> in the “Historical Information” section. In communications addressed to the Secretary-General with reference to the above-mentioned ratification, the Permanent Missions to the United Nations of Albania, the Byelorussian SSR, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, the Ukrainian SSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Yugoslavia stated that the only Government entitled to represent and to assume international obligations on behalf of China was the Government of the People's Republic of China and that, therefore, they did not recognize as valid the said ratification. In a note addressed to the Secretary-General, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of China stated that the allegations contained in the above-mentioned communications are untenable both in law and in fact and could not in any way affect the requirements of Article 108 of the Charter or the validity of the amendments to the Charter duly ratified under the said Article.5The former Yugoslavia had ratified the amendment on 13 March 1967. See also note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#BosniaandHerzegovina" target="_blank">"Bosnia and Herzegovina" </a>, <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Croatia" target="_blank">"Croatia"</a>, <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Yugoslavia(former)" target="_blank">"former Yugoslavia"</a>, <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Slovenia" target="_blank">"Slovenia"</a>, <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Yugoslavia(former)" target="_blank">"The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"</a> and <a href="/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Yugoslavia" target="_blank">"Yugoslavia"</a> in the "Historical Information" section.