1Charter of the United NationsSan Francisco, 26 June 194524 October 1945, in accordance with article 110.123456Parties49<a href="" target="_blank">In Arabic</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">In Chinese</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">in English</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">in French</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">In Russian</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">In Spanish</a>193 Members [49<superscript>1,6</superscript> original Members and 144 Members having been admitted in accordance with Article 4 (see list under chapter I.2. hereinafter.)].
ParticipantRatificationArgentina24 Sep 1945 Australia 1 Nov 1945 Belarus<superscript>3</superscript>24 Oct 1945 Belgium27 Dec 1945 Bolivia (Plurinational State of)14 Nov 1945 Brazil21 Sep 1945 Canada 9 Nov 1945 Chile11 Oct 1945 China<superscript>4,7,8</superscript>28 Sep 1945 Colombia 5 Nov 1945 Costa Rica 2 Nov 1945 Cuba15 Oct 1945 Denmark 9 Oct 1945 Dominican Republic 4 Sep 1945 Ecuador21 Dec 1945 Egypt<superscript>5</superscript>22 Oct 1945 El Salvador26 Sep 1945 Ethiopia13 Nov 1945 France31 Aug 1945 Greece<superscript>9</superscript>25 Oct 1945 Guatemala21 Nov 1945 Haiti27 Sep 1945 Honduras17 Dec 1945 India30 Oct 1945 Iran (Islamic Republic of)<superscript>10</superscript>16 Oct 1945 Iraq21 Dec 1945 Lebanon15 Oct 1945 Liberia 2 Nov 1945 Luxembourg17 Oct 1945 Mexico 7 Nov 1945 Netherlands (Kingdom of the)<superscript>11</superscript>10 Dec 1945 New Zealand<superscript>12</superscript>19 Sep 1945 Nicaragua 6 Sep 1945 Norway27 Nov 1945 Panama13 Nov 1945 Paraguay12 Oct 1945 Peru31 Oct 1945 Philippines11 Oct 1945 Poland24 Oct 1945 Russian Federation<superscript>13</superscript>24 Oct 1945 Saudi Arabia18 Oct 1945 South Africa<superscript>14</superscript> 7 Nov 1945 Syrian Arab Republic<superscript>5</superscript>19 Oct 1945 Türkiye28 Sep 1945 Ukraine<superscript>15</superscript>24 Oct 1945 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland<superscript>7</superscript>20 Oct 1945 United States of America 8 Aug 1945 Uruguay18 Dec 1945 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)<superscript>16</superscript>15 Nov 1945
1The former Yugoslavia was an original Member of the United Nations, the Charter having been signed and ratified on its behalf on 26 June 1945 and 19 October 1945, respectively, until its dissolution. Treaty actions undertaken by the former Yugoslavia appear in footnotes against the designation “former Yugoslavia”. See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#BosniaandHerzegovina" target="_blank">Bosnia and Herzegovina" </a>, <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Croatia" target="_blank">"Croatia"</a>, <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Yugoslavia(former)" target="_blank">"former Yugoslavia"</a>, <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#SerbiaandMontenegro" target="_blank">“Serbia and Montenegro” </a>, <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Slovenia" target="_blank">"Slovenia" </a>, <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#TheformerYugoslavRepublicofMacedonia" target="_blank">"The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"</a> and <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Yugoslavia" target="_blank">"Yugoslavia"</a> in the "Historical Information" section.2All States listed herein signed the Charter on 26 June 1945, with the exception of Poland on behalf of which it was signed on 15 October 1945.3See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Belarus" target="_blank">“Belarus”</a> in the “Historical Information” section.4See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#China" target="_blank">“China”</a> in the “Historical Information” section.5See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#UnitedArabRepublic" target="_blank">“United Arab Republic”</a> in the “Historical Information” section.6Czechoslovakia was an original Member of the United Nations, the Charter having been signed and ratified on its behalf on 26 June 1945 and 19 October 1945, respectively, until its dissolution on 31 December 1992. See also note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#CzechRepublic" target="_blank">"Czech Republic"</a> and note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Slovakia" target="_blank">Slovakia"</a> in the Historical Information section.7See note 2 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#China" target="_blank">"China"</a> and note 2 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#UnitedKingdomofGreatBritainandNorthernIreland" target="_blank">"United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland"</a>regarding Hong Kong in the Historical Information section.8See note 3 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#China" target="_blank">"China"</a> and note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Portugal" target="_blank">"Portugal"</a> regarding Macao in the "Historical Information" section.9See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Greece" target="_blank">“Greece”</a> in the “Historical Information” section.10See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Iran(IslamicRepublicof)" target="_blank">"Iran, Islamic Republic"</a> of in the "Historical Information" section.11See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Netherlands" target="_blank">"Netherlands" </a> regarding Aruba/Netherlands Antilles in the “Historical Information” section.12See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#NewZealand" target="_blank">"New Zealand”</a>regarding Tokelau in the "Historical Information" section.13See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#RussianFederation" target="_blank">"Russian Federation" </a>in the "Historical Information" section.14See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#SouthAfrica" target="_blank">"South Africa" </a> in the "Historical Information" section.15See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Ukraine" target="_blank">"Ukraine"</a> in the "Historical Information" </a>section.16See note 1 under <a href="/Pages/HistoricalInfo.aspx?clang=_en#Venezuela(BolivarianRepublicof)" target="_blank">"Venezuela"</a> in the "Historical Information" section.