Registration Number 3219
Title Convention for Limiting the Manufacture and Regulating the Distribution of Narcotic Drugs
ex officio
Places/dates of conclusion
Lake Success, New York11/12/1946
EIF information
21 November 1947 , the date on which the amendments to the Convention, as set forth in the annex to the Protocol of 11 December 1946, entered into force, in accordance with paragraph 2 of article VII of the Protocol
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ICJ information
Secretary-General of the United Nations
Registration Date ex officio 9 July 1933
Subject terms
Agreement type Multilateral
LNTS Volume Number 139 (p.301)
Publication format Full
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ParticipantActionDate of Notification/DepositDate of Effect
AfghanistanDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
AlbaniaAcceptance of the Protocol23/06/1947 
AlgeriaAccession to the Convention as amended31/10/196329/01/1964
ArgentinaDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
AustraliaAcceptance of the Protocol28/08/1947 
AustriaAcceptance of the Protocol17/05/1950 
BahamasSuccession to the Convention and the Protocol13/08/197510/07/1973
BelgiumDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
BrazilDefinitive signature of the Protocol17/12/1946 
CambodiaSuccession to the Convention as amended03/10/1951 
CameroonSuccession to the Convention as amended20/11/1961 
CanadaDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
Central African EmpireSuccession to the Convention as amended04/09/1962 
CeylonAccession to the Convention as amended04/12/195704/03/1958
ChileDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
ChinaDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
ColombiaDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
Congo (Brazzaville)Succession to the Convention as amended15/10/196215/08/1960
Congo (Leopoldville)Succession to the Convention as amended31/05/196230/06/1960
Côte d'IvoireSuccession to the Convention as amended08/12/1961 
Czech RepublicSuccession to the Convention as amended30/12/1993 
DahomeySuccession to the Convention as amended05/12/1961 
DenmarkAcceptance of the Protocol15/06/1949 
Dominican RepublicDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
EcuadorAcceptance of the Protocol08/06/1951 
EgyptAcceptance of the Protocol13/09/1948 
EthiopiaRatification of the Convention as amended09/09/1947 
Federal Republic of GermanyAcceptance of the Protocol12/08/1959 
FijiSuccession to the Convention and the Protocol01/11/1971 
FinlandAcceptance of the Protocol03/02/1948 
FranceAcceptance of the Protocol10/10/1947 
GhanaSuccession to the Convention as amended07/04/1958 
GreeceAcceptance of the Protocol21/02/1949 
GuineaSuccession to the Convention as amended26/04/196202/10/1958
HaitiAcceptance of the Protocol31/05/1951 
HondurasDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
HungaryAcceptance of the Protocol16/12/1955 
IndiaDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
IndonesiaAccession to the Convention as amended03/04/195802/07/1958
Iran (Islamic Republic of)Definitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
IraqAcceptance of the Protocol14/09/1950 
IrelandAcceptance of the Protocol18/02/1948 
IsraelAccession to the Convention as amended16/05/1952 
ItalyDefinitive signature of the Protocol25/03/1948 
JamaicaSuccession to the Convention as amended26/12/196306/08/1962
JapanAcceptance of the Protocol27/03/1952 
JordanAccession to the Convention as amended12/04/195410/08/1954
LaosSuccession to the Convention as amended07/10/1950 
LebanonDefinitive signature of the Protocol13/12/1946 
LesothoSuccession to the Convention as amended04/11/1974 
LiechtensteinAcceptance of the Protocol25/09/1947 
MalawiSuccession to the Convention as amended22/07/1965 
MalaysiaSuccession to the Convention as amended21/08/1958 
MauritiusSuccession to the Convention as amended18/07/1969 
MexicoDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
MonacoDefinitive signature of the Protocol21/11/1947 
MontenegroSuccession to the Convention as amended23/10/200603/06/2006
MoroccoSuccession to the Convention as amended07/11/1956 
NetherlandsAcceptance of the Protocol10/03/1948 
New ZealandDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
NicaraguaAcceptance of the Protocol24/04/1950 
NigerSuccession to the Convention as amended25/08/1961 
NigeriaSuccession to the Convention as amended26/06/196101/10/1960
NorwayAcceptance of the Protocol02/07/1947 
PanamaDefinitive signature of the Protocol15/12/194615/12/1946
Papua New GuineaSuccession to the Convention and the Protocol28/10/1980 
PhilippinesAcceptance of the Protocol25/05/1950 
PolandDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
RomaniaAcceptance of the Protocol11/10/1961 
Russian FederationDefinitive signature of the Protocol25/10/1947 
RwandaSuccession to the Convention as amended05/05/196401/07/1962
Saudi ArabiaDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
SenegalSuccession to the Convention as amended02/05/196320/06/1960
SiamDefinitive signature of the Protocol27/10/194727/10/1947
Sierra LeoneSuccession to the Convention as amended13/03/196227/04/1961
SlovakiaSuccession to the Convention as amended28/05/1993 
South AfricaAcceptance of the Protocol24/02/1948 
SpainDefinitive signature of the Protocol26/09/1955 
SwedenDefinitive signature of the Protocol17/10/1947 
SwitzerlandAcceptance of the Protocol25/09/1947 
Syrian Arab RepublicDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
TogoSuccession to the Convention as amended27/02/196227/04/1960
Trinidad and TobagoSuccession to the Convention as amended11/04/1966 
TurkeyDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
UgandaAccession to the Convention as amended20/10/1965 
United KingdomTerritorial application07/03/1949 
United KingdomTerritorial application05/04/194905/04/1949
United KingdomTerritorial application13/02/195213/02/1952
United KingdomTerritorial application17/03/195017/03/1950
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandDefinitive signature of the Protocol11/12/1946 
United Republic of Tanganyika and ZanzibarAccession to the Convention as amended03/07/196401/10/1964
United States of AmericaAcceptance of the Protocol12/08/1947 
Upper VoltaAccession to the Convention as amended26/04/196325/07/1963
Yugoslavia (Federal Republic of)Succession to the Convention as amended12/03/200127/04/1992
Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of)Accession to the Convention as amended10/06/1949 
ZambiaSuccession to the Convention as amended09/04/1973